Post 18 Destinations

Post 18 Destinations

As you reach the end of your compulsory education age (18), you need to think about where you will go, and what you will do after Sixth Form...there are four main pathways, however there are other alternatives.

The main thing with all pathways is to do your research (there are lots of useful websites on this page).

The four main pathways...

  • complete a work-based qualification

  • This route would suit those who would like to earn money and gain qualifications simultaneously.

  • Apprenticeships don't usually involve exams, but you should expect to be assessed while you're working.

  • Colleges offer a wide range of courses which can act as a ‘stepping stone’ for students

  • This route would suit those who prefer being assessed through coursework and practical assessments.

  • Although the job market can be competitive, the range of opportunities out there is improving

  • This route would suit someone no longer wishing to continue their education, or students taking a gap year.

Useful websites...


support on university applications, and Apprenticeships/Traineeships

Independent UK university rankings, course information and expert advice for every student

What to study, where to go and how to get there


Government page for apprenticeships

Graduate jobs. Apprenticeships. Work placements.

Alternatives to uni, including apprenticeship adverts


Information on financial support

More Information on financial support

National Career Service

The Student Room is the UK's largest online student community

Calculating your UCAS points

Most post-18 destinations will have some form of entry requirements, this may be the number of UCAS points, grades or even specific subjects.

Use this table to help calculate your UCAS points (you will need to know what size BTECs you are doing if applicable).

If you would like a career meeting, please email your Learning Coach or