Sixth Form

Sixth Form Intervention Timetable

Y13 Destinations - application time

All Y13 students should be applying and confirming for your post-18 destinations. This includes...

  • Applications to university (undergraduate courses) - (deadline has now passed)

  • Apprenticeships - applications now open

  • Further eduction - NKC now accepting applications

  • Employment

You should all have an up to date CV, using the most recent guidelines.

Monday p5 is focused around supporting you with all of this and is compulsory for those who have not yet secured or provided proof of where you will be going.

Useful websites:,,


Reminder: Fire Alarm Procedures

To follow procedures across the rest of the school, fire alarm procedures for Sixth Form have changed.

In the event of a fire alarm, all Sixth Form students need to line up with their Learning Coach silently. As all students have a timetabled Learning Conversation, you should all know who this is. If not, refer to your timetable.


All students attendance should be at least 95%. Well done to all those who have kept it at 100% for Term 1.

Remember, both Learning Conversations and Community Hour are both part of your attendance figure.

Advance warning: Any students with a worryingly low attendance figure will be put on a attendance contract, as a first step...


Reminder: Charging Laptops and Phones

As you know, there are not enough plug points in the zone or classrooms for you to all plug in your laptops. You must remember to charge your laptop each night before school. Anyone charging your phone from your laptop will be unnecessarily draining your battery so please do not do this!

Reminder: Swipe cards

You should all by now have received your swipe card and lanyard. If not, please see Ms Setters asap who will be able to help you.

Remember, you should be visibly wearing your swipe cards and swiping in and out.

Reminder: Uniform

You're looking very smart and sharp! Remember, headphones and earpods should be away before you enter the school building

Lesson Timings:

Break & Lunch: Sixth form students are allowed access to the reception cafe and bridge during break and lunch. However, these must be kept clean to continue access.

Free Lessons: Students are not required to be on site when you do not have lessons, however you can use the study areas in Zone 6, to work independently. If going off site, please remember to swipe in and out.