Community Hour

What is it & When is it?

Community hour is a compulsory timetabled lesson on all Year 12 & 13 student timetables. This takes place weekly, on Mondays p5 (1:35-2:35pm). Some weeks will be targeted for specific students and you will be informed if you are in or working independently.

Non attendance will affect your overall attendance figure.

Students will need to bring their laptops (with charge) each week in order to make the most of these sessions.

Community Hour Aims

The purpose of community hour is to help you in terms of...

  • Going onto successful destinations

  • Successful achievement in your subjects

  • Becoming a valued member of the School and Sixth Form community

What kind of activities will we do?

  • UCAS support

  • Apprenticeship support

  • FE support

  • Cover Letters

  • Work Experience

  • Guest Speakers

  • CV support

  • Applications and Interview support

  • Subject support


  • Personal Management strategies

  • Transferable Skill development

  • Celebrating success

  • PQLI Programme

Outreach work

Supporting lessons

Supporting whole school

Charity work

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Sexual Health

  • Sexual Discrimination

  • E-safety

Weekly Focus:

Professional Skills Programme 2021-22 - NTC(1).xlsx - Read-Only.pdf
Professional Skills - information journal.pdf