Sixth Form

Arrangements for Return to School

(WB 8th March)

Why do I need to wear a face mask when I am onsite?

We want to keep everyone as safe as possible. Wearing a face mask is an additional protective measure on top of those we already have in place that will protect you, others on site and those at home. Therefore please:

  • Wear your face mask whenever you are indoors (ie. classrooms, communal areas, corridors etc)

  • Ensure this face covering is either a medical-grade or cloth mask that covers your nose and mouth (it cannot be a visor or scarf).

  • Recognise respectfully that students with physical or mental illness may not be able to wear a face mask.

If this last point applies to you then please email so we can put additional measures in place for both your own and other peoples protection.

What are the arrangements for COVID tests?

As you will know, we are required to offer all Sixth Formers three in-school Lateral Flow Tests before moving to a system where you can take the test at home. To allow the test to be taken you need to complete the consent form below (those over 16 can complete this themselves, having discussed with your parents if under 18).

You can find more details in this letter.

How do I get my first COVID test?

You can either ask your parent to book a test slot through the Parents Evening button in Edulink.


Come during the slots shown based on the first initial of your surname.

When do I start back in school?

Lessons will start on site using the pre-Christmas timetable from Tuesday 9th March. You can find your own timetable on Edulink, a master version of this is shown below.